The GoldThread™ Lift USA Procedure is a skin rejuvenation technique which has been developed by United States and European surgeons. The GoldThread™ Lift USA Procedure reduces wrinkles improving skin appearance. Gold rejuvenation techniques have been used in France and Asia since the 1960s. These early procedures involved the implantation of short 0.5mm diameter gold implants in the skin. The technique known as the European Gold Filaments technique had moderate success and required a large needle for implantation. These procedures were highly invasive with longer and more unattractive recovery.

The GoldThread™ Lift USA Procedure uses 24K Gold ThreadTM 5-0 (1 Metric) size thread which is made of 99.99% pure gold. The thread is only 0.1mm in diameter. Processing and testing developed by Gold Thread LLC assures that 24K Gold Thread™ gold 5-0 thread has the physical properties needed to conform to skin contours and skin color.

The GoldThread™ Lift USA Procedure is less invasive then the European Gold Filaments technique. The GoldThread™ Lift USA Procedure was developed by Dr. Pawel Koziczynski and uses a minimally invasive procedure which results in no blood loss, no scars, and minimal use of anesthesia.

Mechanism of Gold Thread

Gold Thread is a special medical device manufactured with full compliance with relevant regulations of Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) of USA (21 CFR 820 & 21 CFR 812). Clinical observation revealed that implantation of Gold Thread™ will stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other skin matrices which will ultimately cover the net formed with Gold Thread™. Such increment of skin matrices will firm up the implanted body part, contributing to a much younger and rejuvenating outlook. Gold Thread™ will also stimulate angiogenesis beneath the skin, which contributed to increase supply of blood and nutrients to the implanted body part. Natural antiseptic properties of gold will also reduce inflammation of these areas.

The above mentioned biochemical reactions will begin immediately after Gold Thread™ Implantation. From our clinical observation, we noticed that skin complexion improved 2 weeks after implantation and facial wrinkle lighten 3 months after implantation. The best results were achieved 6-12 months past implantation.

Depending on individual’s immunity, the implanted Gold Thread™ will remain in the body of the patient, exerting its efficacious biochemical effects for 8-12 years (smoking, drinking and other unhealthy living habits will shorten the period of efficacies of Gold Thread™). Repetition of Gold Thread™ implantation every 5-8 years will have boosting effects on skin rejuvenations.

The Koziczynski’s Method

Gold Thread™ Implantation is an improved version of European’s Gold Filaments/Thread technique, with much lesser invasiveness and higher efficacies. Currently, the latest Gold Thread™ Implantation developed by Dr. Pawel Koziczynsky in year 2000, is performed with gold thread and needle 10 times smaller than those used in European technique, gives rise to an ultra minimal invasive procedure which is painless, no bleeding, no scars and does not require any kind of anesthesia, with the ability to rejuvenate your skin as much as 5-8 years, at the duration of 8-15 years! Patient can resume normal lifestyle immediately after Gold Thread™ Implantation procedure.

Gold Thread™ Implantation will rejuvenate you with gold thread which is made of 99.99% pure gold at the diameter of 0.1mm, specifically manufactured for implantation purposes with full compliances to the FDA specifications.

Standard skin preparation, draping, and sterile technique should be followed to avoid infection. Planning for each area to be treated is done by drawing a layout of the grid to be followed within the surgical procedure.

The Gold Thread™ 24K Gold Thread 5-0 is implanted perpendicular to the lines of depression of the face and the neck. The procedure is nearly painless and is usually done without local anesthesia; however, anesthesia may be used at the surgeon or patient preference. The thread is placed in the Papillary Dermis to achieve maximum effect and to avoid major blood vessels and nerves.

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Dr Pawel Kozichynski is one of the most experienced aesthetic medicine physicians in Europe, having worked for over 10 years in specialized REJUVENATION CLINICS in Germany, Poland, Malaysia and United States. During the last several years Dr Kozichynski has specialize in GOLD THREADS implantation. He also practises most of the currently available thread lift procedures in Europe, Brazil and China. His knowledge and understanding of the latest advances in aesthetic medicine helped him to develop new pioneering methods of performing the Gold Thread procedure.


Dr Maciej Lichaj graduated from the Medical School at the Poznan University, Poland. He worked at the Research and Municipal Hospitals while continuing his studies in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Dr Lichaj graduated from the Postgraduate School of Esthetic Medicine in Warsaw. In his private practice Dr Lichaj employs a wide variety of modern cosmetic treatments, including Gold Thread. He was trained in Gold Thread implantation by Dr Pawel Kozichynski and practicing this technique for several years. In 2009, Dr Lichaj became an official trainer in Gold Thread technique and now is training several European doctors. Dr Lichaj is a member of the World Society of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr Igor Melendin is a surgeon and a graduate of St. Petersburg State Medical Academy named after I. I. Mechnikov (2008). In 2008-2010, Dr Igor Melendin completed a clinical residency program and studies in minimal invasive surgery, endoscopy and laser medical technology with a major in General Surgery at the Department of Surgery Pathologies of the Advanced Training Faculty at St. Petersburg State Medical Academy named after I. I. Mechinikov. Since 2010, he has worked as a resident surgeon in the Second Surgical Department of the Hospital at the North-Western State Medical University and simultaneously attended postgraduate studies at the Department of Surgery at the North-Western State Medical University with a term of his thesis defence in 2013. Dr Igor Melendin has been training in Gold Thread Implantation by Dr Maciej Lichaj since 2011.


Dr Sergei Fedorov is a Chief Physician of our clinic, a graduate of the First Leningrad Medical Institute (presently, the First St. Petersburg State Medical University), a practising surgeon since 1986 and a surgeon in the 40th Russian Antarctic expedition. In 1997, Dr Sergey Fedorov completed his specialization in maxillofacial and reconstructive (restorative) surgery at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPE). Dr Sergey Fedorov is a practicing Gold Thread surgeon since 1996.

In 2001, 2003 and 2006, he undertook an internship at the clinic of Dr Bradley Wolf in the United States (Wolf Medical Enterprises in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA). In 2003, Dr Sergey Fedorov participated in an opening of the clinic of Dr Jean Devroye in Brussels, Belgium and has been working there in 2003-2005. Since 2004, Dr Sergey Fedorov regularly performed hair transplant surgeries at the HRBR clinic in Ireland (Dr Maurice Collins).


Dr Alexander Volkov is a surgeon, a graduate of the Astrakhan State Medical Institute and an ENT surgeon with 33 years’ experience. Dr Alexander Volkov completed a clinical residency program and has been working as an ENT specialist and a chief of the ENT department at the regional hospital for 20 years. In 2003, he obtained a specialization in maxillofacial surgery and studied at our clinic since 2004. In 2006, Dr Alexander Volkov undertook a specialization in plastic, reconstructive (restorative) and aesthetic surgery and served an internship at the clinic of Dr Bradley Wolf (Wolf Medical Enterprises in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA). Since 2005, Dr Alexander Volkov has been a permanent employee in our clinic.


Dr Ted Katsnelson received his Medical degree in Europe in 1981 He worked intensively in several Hospitals as an Internal Medicine Doctor. He received special training in Psychiatry, Acupuncture and Manual Therapy. Among other interests in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Katsnelson has studied various thread suspension techniques, including those utilizing gold threads. Dr Pawel Kozichynski trained him in modern Gold Thread implantation and skin rejuvenation techniques. Dr Katsnelson is a prominent member of the international group of physicians specializing in Gold Thread Implantation founded by Dr Kozichynski. After relocating to the USA, Dr Katsnelson completed the required medical training and received an American Medical Degree. Later he went through training in Anesthesiology, and was licensed as Anesthesiologist, he continues researching and developing Gold Thread Implantation techniques around the world.


Dr. Guy Haddad is recognized as one of the reference physicians in aesthetic medicine. He is constantly thinking of improvements on existing techniques. He also pioneered the practice for many aesthetic medicine procedures, which earned him recognition from his peers, his patients, but also the media (press, television and radio) who ask him regularly to participate in their shows to communicate his knowledge and experience.

President of the National Union of Plastic Surgery and Director of Medical Education (in the heart of Paris, near the Champs Elysées), the reputation of Dr. Guy Haddad is now well established.

Benchmark for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, he is 33 years of experience in the field, making him one of the pillars of aesthetic medicine. Dr. Haddad is particularly known for being the investigator and spokesman processes plastic surgery increasingly highlighted in search of eternal beauty, and the results are more dramatic.

As director of training of the medical Saint staff at “Centre Honoré Ponthieu”, Dr. Haddad passes his knowledge on to other doctors. His techniques, at the cutting edge of technology, are widely sought by other doctors who also want to provide the best for their patients.

Recognized as an avant-garde aesthetic Doctor, Dr Guy Haddad brings his knowledge and expertise at your service to advise you and make your wishes a reality safely. Many media appearances reflect the seriousness and professionalism of Dr. Guy Haddad in aesthetics.